1. Our company:

POOSLED company is a factory that produce LED moving message signs, LED gas price digital

Displays, LED advertisement displays, LED lintel displays and so on.

More importantly, we give our customers the most professional, most satisfactory and in line

With market demand products and the most market competitive capacity of product prices,

So that our distributors can adapt to different periods of market competition.

Our distributors and clients are from all over the world.

2. Our main products:

1)LED Message signs for single color&Tri color&Fullcolor;

2)LED Gas price signs;


4)LED Scoreboards;

5)LED Currency signs;

6)LED Count signs etc...

3. Our main sales history:

1)2008-2009: 1 million US Dollars;

2)2009-2010: 1.3 million US Dollars;

3)2010-2011: 1.5 million US Dollars;

4)2011-2012: 2 milliom US Dollars;

5)2012-2013: 2.3 million US Dollars;

6)2013-2014: 2.8 million US Dollars;

7)2014-2015: 3 million US Dollars.

4. Our LED Exibitions all over China:

1)LED China 2011: Guangzhou, 2011.03

2)LED China 2012: Guangzhou, 2012.03

3)LED LIGHTING FAIR: Zhongshan, 2012.09

4)LED China 2013: Guangzhou, 2013.03

5)LED TECH China 2013: Shenzhen, 2013.09

6)LED Shanghai FAIR 2013: Shanghai, 2013.07

7)LED China 2014: Guangzhou, 2014.03

8)LED TECH China 2013: Shenzhen, 2014.09

9)LED Shanghai FAIR 2014: Shanghai, 2014.07

10)LED SIGN EXPRO 2015: Guangzhou, 2015.03

11)LED DEPES SIGN FAIR 2015: 2015.03

12)LED TECH China 2015: Shenzhen, 2015.09

13)LED China 2015: Shanghai, 2014.03
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